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Our experiences are truly immersive, engaging and rewarding for players, creating a sense of play, community and life in your location.

Our Storytrails & Games

Book Multiple Trails and Save Up to £350

Can be launched at Any Time

Each new trail has an earliest possible start date, but after this you are launch the trails to suit your local events calendar.

Can Run for up to 6 Weeks

Our trails are flexible and can be ran for a timeframe that suits your calendar. We can even extend these is requested.

Include at Least 10 Stops

Our trails include 10 stops as standard but we can add extra stops when requested and even create bespoke local characters.

Step 1: Complete the application form 

Step 2: We send you a complete marketing toolkit to promote the trail locally. 

Step 3: You decide on 10 venues to participate in the trail and tell us via a webform.

Step 4: After you submit venues, we create a bespoke digital map and create your platform page.

Step 5: A few weeks before launch we’ll send you the artwork assets to install and you’re ready to launch!

Get Bespoke: There is a lot of flexibility in what we can offer. We can even create bespoke characters based on local concepts or competition designs. Get in touch to discuss any ideas that you have.

Standard Trail Packages Include:

  • Trail Artworks as Window Vinyls or Correx Boards
  • Marketing Toolkit including poster and flyer designs, PR, and social media assets
  • Branded Map Page
  • Branded Game Platform
  • Post-event Analytic Report

New Trail

Summer 2024

Animalympics Logo

Celebrate Local Sporting Heroes with a Bespoke AR Trail!

Turn your area into a training ground for future champions with our interactive AR trail highlighting your region’s sporting legends, past and present. Engage families in an exciting adventure at the incredible price of just £549+VAT – the same as our standard packages!

The trail is an experience where players visit and collect 10 sporting stickers, each with a unique QR code to scan. They then use augmented reality to see the animal sporting champions and can take selfies with them in AR.  

Once they’ve collected all 10 stamps they’ll be rewarded with a free story ebook and be able to take selfies with digital prize badges ‘pinned’ to themselves. 

Here’s why this offer is unbeatable:

❄️ Unique and engaging: Learn about sporting history, trivia, and inspirational stories through augmented reality experiences.

✨ Bespoke content: We’ll incorporate local heroes and landmarks, making the trail truly special for your community.

🫰 Affordable: Enjoy this customised experience at the same price as our standard packages.

👪 Family-friendly: Offer an educational and entertaining activity for all ages.

🏃 Sporty Mini-Challenges: Wellbeing and fitness by having fun!

Contact us today to create a lasting memory that honors your local sporting heroes and inspires future generations!

Double Feature Offer

Run another trail at the same time for £699+VAT

If you’d like to reach a wider demographic you could run our Casefile Mystery Game, or Dr Cupid Love Quiz, at the same time as any other family trail. We’ve designed Casefile to be perfect for team-building and groups of friends. Learn more about it on the link below.

Trails Catalogue 2024

Trails for Any Date

Sport Education Trail

From 15th July 2024

Celebrate the Olympics with a family sport trail that’s educational, bespoke to your location and fun.


AR Dinosaur Trail

A family trail where families have to hunt down 10 dinosaur eggs and open them to reveal the super-powered dinosaurs inside. Players download a free fun-pack prize at the end.

Green Crystal

AR Art Trail

In this family story-trail, players visit beautiful Alebrije character, solve riddles, see characters in AR and can take selfies with others. Players win a free ebook prize at the end.

alebrijes Fox

AR Family Storytrail

Families track down strange footprints, solve challenges and reveal the curious creatures in AR. Finally, they can download the prize ebook at the end.

Example Monster

Mystery Game

An escape room-style mystery game for team-building, groups, and families based on 10 stops around your location.


AR Family Storytrail

A family trail with puzzles, riddles and cute AR troll characters. Families keys in 10 locations before completing challenges, opening the AR and downloading the fun-pack prize.

10 Sapphire

Animated Storytrail

In this family story-trail, players hunt down different modes of transport, solve riddles, and gather clues that come together in a free ebook prize at the end.


Couples Quiz

A couples quiz trail where players answer hilarious love questions and take funny selfies.  Players are rewarded with a score and silly prize suggestions for each other.



AR Puzzle Trail

 Join the Easter Bunny on an adventure to open 10 Easter egg-shaped puzzle doors. Solve puzzles on the trail artworks before seeing the characters within burst to life in augmented reality! 


AR Storytrail

In this family story-trail, players hunt down different modes of transport, solve riddles, and gather clues that come together in a free ebook prize at the end.


AR Spring Trail

In this family story-trail, players meet a series of carnical characters and learn what their skills are. Solve riddles, take selfies and download a free ebook prize at the end.



AR Dance Trail

From 1st October 2024

Players will have a blast visiting shadowy monsters getting their grooves on in this AR trail. Guess what famous dance move the monster is doing before revealing it in AR! And at the end you can vote for your favourite.


AR Ghost Trail

In this family story-trail, players visit glowing pumpkins inhabited by ghosts, solve mini-challenges and reveal the ghost in AR. Players download a free puzzle pack at the end.


AR Mask Storytrail

In Totally Spooking Out, players follow along with a full Halloween story, solve riddles, take selfies with spooky digital masks on and reveal the creepy characters in AR. 

8 Pumpkin


AR Family Trail

From 25th November 2024

A hilarious and educational trail where players track down cute magical characters and learn about the meaning and history of Christmas, while looking for the cheeky ‘spirit’ of Christmas.


Puzzle Prize Trail

In this trail, players visit Christmas doors, complete challenges and open them to see who lives inside. Each characters gives a different prize like selfies, AR and ebooks.


AR Voting Storytrail

In this family story-trail, players have to decide which winter animal can help Santa while Rudolph is on holiday. See characters in AR, vote and download the full ebook conclusion.


Family Storytrail

It’s Christmas in Oz and all of the characters that know are making wishes. Visit them to guess what they want, take selfies with them and, download a fully illustrated children’s book at the end.

The Gang

A Local Geogaming Platform For Your Area

We’d like to introduce you to our new trail platform, which can bring an ever-growing library of magical, free experiences to your area, 365 days a year. 
All for the cost of 4.5 trails!
Watch the presentation video to learn more or try it out yourself on the link below.
GTI and ERDF landscape PNG

White Label Bespoke Trails

We can use our custom built, white label trail platform to create a unique experience for your location. With this option you can simply send us your own content and we’ll add it, along with your branding, to our platform for just £699+VAT.

If you’d like us create the content we can use our experience to make something completely unique for you. This can include selfies, illustrations, augmented reality, story books, puzzles, video, audio, photography – pretty much anything you can think of. Prices for completely bespoke trails start at just £2,000+VAT.

Please contact us to talk about the many, felxible options.

white phone

Frequently Asked Questions

Any location large or small, anywhere in the world, can host the trail. 

We advise hosts to apply as soon as possible to give adequate pre-marketing time but we are also able to get your game running within a week, at any time, after the official launch dates.

Yes! We fully encourage you to supplement the cost of the trail with a local sponsor. For their contribution they will get their logo on all marketing materials, on the webpage and on the stamps collection platform.

The entire trail can be customised to your local area. This might mean including local buildings or landmarks in the story, highlighting local history or using established mascots to guide the trail. We can also print the character board on a range of materials and sizes right up to life-sized cutouts. Please get in contact for more information and quotes.

We can fully customise the text of the trail at no extra cost, please just inform us of your request on the application form and we will work with you to get the translation done.

The vinyl stickers are reverse-printed, low-tack adhesive stickers and need to be installed on the interior of window facing outwards. They can be stuck to any glass or plexiglass surface. The vinyls are 40cm x 30cm in size.

Alternatively, they can be printed on a range of materials and sizes like A3 Correx boards to be cable tied on posts etc or, right up to life-sized cutout characters. Please get in touch for more information and quotes.

Any venue, retail, cultural, public or otherwise can display a vinyl as long as they are accessible seven days a week during the day. Vinyls can also be printed on Correx boards which can be installed anywhere like lampposts, notice boards etc. 

Our trails are designed to be contactless by their very nature. Vinyls are displayed outwards so that players don’t need to enter premises to access them. QR codes and digital maps are used so no physical interaction is needed.