Next Steps

Let's Take Geogaming to New Heights

Many thanks once again for signing up to our trail!

Here are all of the details you need to get going with choosing and submitting the venues to us and marketing the trail. This is all that we ask you to do to get the trail set up, we will take care of everything else remotely. 

Scroll down for tips on taking your trail up to the next level!

Unless you indicate otherwise we will send a pack of trail window stickers to you, 2 weeks before the launch date. If you decide you need weatherproof Correx boards, instead of window stickers, please let us know as soon as possible. These incurr an extra cost of £20 per board as they are custom printed for you.


Your marketing toolkit includes:

  • An info sheet for potential venues
  • Example website copy
  • A set of social media assets
  • An example poster design
If you would like a print-ready version of the poster (at any size) with your logo and info on it, please just email us confirming your trail start and end dates.
If there are any other size social media assets that you would like, we can produce these at no additional cost.
Please link to the trail’s main information page on social media (you can find this in ‘current experiences’ above); from there players will be able to find their local trail maps.
Learn more about marketing in our trail tips below…. 
Apart from the designs, the next step is to get your venues confirmed and let us know their details. Feel free to use the ‘Trail Venue Guide’ in the toolkit, to show potential businesses what the trail is all about.
Please see our quick tips on deciding on venues and a route:
  • Our trails are non-linear (unless specified otherwise), so players don’t need to visit them in a particluar order.
  • We recommend planning our an example walking route and making sure it’s not more than 45mins in total. You can quickly jot out the route on google maps to test this.
  • Venue window stickers should be accessible even if they are closed during normal working hours (so not behind shutters on Sundays etc).
Once confirmed, please complete the venue form below, in this we also ask that you provide an email for the venues where relevant. We will then contact them directly, giving them the opportunity to add offers and vouchers for players and ask them to aid in marketing the trail on their own social media, etc. 
As soon as we have your venues confirmed we will be able to make your bespoke map and embed it on your platform page.
Double Feature Trails
If you are running a double-feature trail please read the below and let us know how you would like proceed.

Double feature trails can work with either A.) 10 stickers/venues along a single route or B.) with 2 separate routes of 10 stickers/venues – it’s up to your preference. With option A, players will just need to choose, when they scan the first code, which trail/game they want to take part in; from then on the system remembers and they don’t need to do anything different. If you have 2 routes they will only be able to do one trail/game on each route.

If you have any questions about any of this please do let us know.

Trail Success Pro Tips

The difference between a trail that attracts a handful of people and a thousand is effective marketing. Easier said than done!
First a foremost take full advantage of the marketing toolkit above, we are also happy to create bespoke branded posters and social media posts at no extra.
  • Start marketing as early as possible.
  • Ask your participating venues to post about it and remind them once it starts. Send them assets and conent suggestions if you can.
  • Contact local influencers on social media, it’s usually easy to find them by searching for the location and ‘family’ or ‘events’ etc as keywords. Ask them if they’ve heard of the trail and if they would like to come – they will often be happy to promote it for free.
Here are a few more ideas that can really bring out a change in participation:

Stands and Cutouts

Life-sized cutout stands are fantastic marketing tools. Larger ones can incorporate ‘selfie set pieces’. These are where a character will pose with their arm around a child. You could also place a ‘Mission complete’ stand in a specific location. This is a great way to give families something to share on social media. These could also be combined with…

Prizes and Treats

Many locations run competitions and give out prizes for trails. But, the ones that do the best are small prizes aimed at the kids, rather than grand prizes for parents. Something as cheap as a tub of lollipops handed out can be a real boost to participation. You could place these at one or two locations and give them out upon presentation of a completed stamp page.

Window Displays

Asking indie venues to create ‘themed’ window displays can give a real marketing boost. We’ve seen everything from bakeries creating monster cookies, to paranormal floating book displays. Something as simple as giving each venue fishing wire, to make ‘floating’ displays, can encourage them to get involved.