A Free, Outdoor Mystery Game for Any Age

This a free escape-room style, mystery game for players of any age and is best played in groups of 3-8.

Players visit ten locations in the game and each location has a window sticker with a unique QR code to scan, to progress the story.

Professor Maccelsbury has been missing for 48 hours. Now, Detective Inspector Ranney is stretched thin and getting desperate. He’s called you in as an off-the-book consultant. He says he’ll give you everything that he’s gathered in his case file to go on, vague as it might be. The professor’s life is in your hands. Examine the case file, follow the clues, and try to solve the mystery of the star-eaters.

Feeling competitive? Players can speed run the trail and enter the local and national leaderboards at the end if they wish. If they do, they’ll even be in the running for a prize!

Trail Details:

When: Launch at any time to fit your events calendar

How Long: Up to 4 Weeks

Who: Any age can enjoy it but 6 years-old+ recommended

Venues: This trail has 10 ‘storypoints’ for venues to host. Stickers or posters can be used for QR code collection and can be placed outward facing or placed inside businesses.

Price: £549+VAT as a one-off trail, £699+VAT when run simultaneously with another trail (like a family story-trail) or Free when included in the multi-trail platform



We’ll be giving away local and national prizes for the fastest teams to complete the trail before 31st December 2023. Each team to complete their local trail the fastest will be entered into the national prize draw. Just add your team name and email at the end of trail to enter.

Fastest Team Draw National Prize: A Nintendo Switch

Fastest Team Local Prizes: £20 Amazon Vouchers