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Hellooooo, I’m Koo!  I’m the big boss of the Cuckoo Trail.

Come with me to travel back in time to 1924 for a big adventure.  You’ll discover what the Cuckoo Trail was like when it was a steam railway line!  And at each stop along the tracks, you’ll meet a station master with a tricky puzzle to solve. Can you help?

What is the Cuckoo AR Trail?

The trail is an experience where players visit 5 stops along the Cuckoo trail route, each with a unique QR code to scan, collect digital stamps and meet characters in augmented reality (don’t forget to take selfies with them).  

Once you’ve collected all 5 stamps you’ll be rewarded with a digital puzzle pack and be able to take selfies with digital prize badges ‘pinned’ to yourself. 

How Does it Work?

The trail works by utilising contactless QR codes, without the need for players to download an app or sign up to anything. The trail consists of 5 story-points with embedded QR codes.

How to Play:

1. Visit the story points using the map below, in any order.
2. By scanning their QR codes with your phone’s camera you’ll collect digital stamps.
3. You’ll be presented with a fun challenge at each stop.
4. You can meet the character in QR and take a selfie with your camera.

IMPORTANT: You must use the SAME browser on the SAME device for character collection. You must have browser cookies enabled and not clear them during the trail.

Test the Augmented Reality on your Device

Before setting off on the trail we advise you to try out the AR functionality of your phone. Most modern smartphones do have this capability now but there are some that still don’t support it. From a smartphone only, click on this link or scan the below QR code to try it out now.

If you don’t see a ‘see me in AR’ button on the next page then it’s likely your phone doesn’t support AR yet and you’ll need to use an alternative device for this element of the trail.

How to Scan QR Codes

Most modern phones now automatically scan QR codes simply by opening your camera app and pointing at them. If your phone doesn’t have this capability you can download an app that reads QR codes instead. Try these for Android or Apple.

Produced in conjunction with Prowse & Co. Ltd.  Illustrations by Giulia Casarotto.

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