Ilford Summer Storytrail

Aug 23rd - Sept 16th

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Welcome to the Mystery of the Secret Keys Storytrail! If this is your first High Street Safari trail please expand and read the ‘How to Play’ below to get started. 

This trail is an interactive experience, as you visit the storypoints in order, you’ll collect digital stamps, choose what happens in the story and be able to see the AR characters. 

Introducing The Luminauts

A world of creatures lives secretly right inside our own. They’re called ‘Spectrals’ and they hide in something called the ‘sub-light’ of everyday objects, a layer of the world that we can’t see with our eyes. Most of the spectrals are friendly and harmless… most of them, it’s the ones that misbehave that the Luminauts are there for. This interstellar team of heroes use their unique skills and specially crafted ‘Spectralight’ tools to track down spectrals on Earth and put things back in order. 


They’ve been able to adapt Earth smartphones, just like yours, to act as temporary Spectralights, so you’ll be able to join in too and see the spectrals with your own phone. Do what you can to help the Luminauts on their mission and maybe there’ll be a place for you on the team!

The Story So Far...

Nell, the leader of the Luminauts, has sent you a message!

“Hello there young recruit! Thank you for agreeing to help us on this mission. Here’s the situation so far: We gotten word about a gemstone, hidden deep in the jungle, with the power to trap spectrals! We can’t risk letting this get into anyone else’s hands so we’re going after it ourselves. We’ve found the temple where the gem is supposed to be hidden, but the way inside is blocked! I’m sending you a map of 10 secret keys that are in your area. These keys have Spectrals living in them and I’m convinced that these creatures can help us get into the temple. Find and release the Spectrals and ask them for clues! We’ll be waiting to hear from you. Good luck on the mission, recruit, speak soon!”

Time to set off on the storytrail! There are 10 mysterious keys around these parts and it’s your job to visit them all and learn their secrets!

To take part simply:

1. Visit the storypoints using the map below, in numerical order.

2. By scanning their QR codes with your phone’s camera (or typing the URLs, printed under the QR codes, directly into your browser’s address bar) you’ll collect digital stamps.

3. You’ll be presented with a story choice at each stop where you can see what happens next.

4. The characters are then available to open in augmented reality, simply click on the ‘OPEN IN AR’ button to be taken to the 3D model page. From there, click on the blue ‘See me in AR’ button and your phone will automatically open its AR function. Most modern phones now have this functionality, but if you do not see the blue ‘See me in AR’ button, the device does not and you will need to use an alternative device.  Please test it here before setting off to avoid disappointment.

IMPORTANT: You must use the SAME browser on the SAME device for character collection. You must have browser cookies enabled and not clear them during the trail.

Expand the map, with the icon on the top right, to open it in the Google Maps app.
Click on the navigation panel, top left, to see a list of the storypoint locations.
Please visit storypoints in the correct order to fully enjoy the story, beginning at Ilford Dry Cleaners.