sawston 'trick or treat' trail
Oct 31st - Nov 1st

Have you read the free MonsterHeroes eBook yet? This was part of the previous Safari in Summer and while you don't need to have read it before taking part in MonsterVillains, we recommend it and, well... it's free, why not! You could always just download them both to read in order later.

There are three different maps below for Sawston - one medium walk in east Sawston, around the College. Another medium walk in west Sawston, around Babraham Road and the last is a combined version for those that really want a workout!

Families can do the trail on Saturday or Sunday.

Treat prizes will be available for collection from the main till at the Co-op and you will need to show the full collection of digital 'stamps' to claim a treat for each child.

If you haven't already reserved your treat prizes, they will only be available on a first come, first serve basis. We'll do our best to make enough available but please don't get any little ones hopes up just in case they are finished.

Time to set off on the safari! 10 villainous monsters have been spotted around these parts. It’s your job to hunt them down and learn their stories…

To take part simply:

1. Hunt down the monstrous characters using the map

2. Learn their names, stories and powers by scanning the QR codes with your phone’s camera or typing the URLs, printed under the QR codes, directly into your browser’s address bar.

3. When you’ve found them all read a free eBook about their first mischievous team-up adventure!

IMPORTANT: You must use the SAME browser on the SAME device for monster collection. You must have browser cookies enabled and not clear them during the Safari.

Medium Walk - West Sawston

Medium Walk - east Sawston

long Walk - Sawston

once you've completed the trail go here to read the story of their first villainous adventure...