Lincoln Dr Cupid trail

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Welcome to Dr Cupid Couple’s Trail! If this is your first of our QR code trails please read the ‘How to Play’ below to get started. 

In Dr Cupid’s Couples Trail we’re going to test your knowledge of each other and award prizes that you and your partner must give based on the results.

Time to set off on the trail! We’ve placed 10 questions around these parts and it’s your job to hunt them down and find out just how well you know your partner!

To take part simply:

1. Visit the questions using the map below, in any order.

2. By scanning their QR codes with your phone’s camera (or typing the URLs, printed under the QR codes, directly into your browser’s address bar) you’ll see the questions. 

3. When you’ve visited them all use the scorer to see how you both did and what ‘prize’ you or your partner must give.

IMPORTANT: You must use the SAME browser on the SAME device for character collection. You must have browser cookies enabled and not clear them during the trail.

We’re offering a £5,000 prize to the first couple that complete the trail in a specific random order.  The random order will be picked out of a hat on May 1st and we will award the prize to whoever visited the trail stops in that order. If nobody has visited the stops in that order the prize will be awarded at a future trail.

You will be asked to register to enter the competition on completion of the trail.

You MUST use the same device to scan all of the QR codes to be eligible to win.