Officially Appointed Jubilee Event


A Truly unique, Free, outdoor experience

Prior to the historic celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee on 2nd June 2022 you can apply to host our specially created, augmented reality trail in your location. Any location large or small can host a trail, whether you are lighting a beacon or not. We do recommend that you also have a beacon lighting on June 2nd and there are now cost effective, gas-powered, portable beacons available. To find out more go to the official guide here.

The trail is an experience where players visit 7 characters that have come to life from Buckingham Palace and are visiting your location on a day out. Players, guided by Sir Barnaby Beacon, visit each character, learning about a different decade in Her Majesty’s 70 year reign.

As they spot the vinyl decals in windows around the location, they scan unique QR codes to collect digital stamps of them, engage with the story, where they can answer questions and choose how it progresses themselves, ‘choose your own adventure’ style. Excitingly, they will then be able to see the characters come to life in augmented reality. Once they’ve collected all 7 stamps they’ll be rewarded with the conclusion to the adventure and be able to take selfies with digital prize badges ‘pinned’ to them, to share with their friends.

Benefits to Hosts

Reduced Cost Event

We’ve reduced the total cost of this entire event to just £499 to celebrate this historic occasion – this can even be supplemented by a local sponsor. With a new gas burning beacon you could host the entire event for under £1k. Also, it’s free for the public!

Increase Footfall on Two Public Holidays

The trail will take place over the May Day Bank Holiday and the Spring Half Term Holiday, giving you great opportunities to bring in more visitors.

Build Buzz for 5 Wks

Before the big day on June 2nd, you’ll have 5 weeks to either spread word of mouth about your own beacon lighting, or of other activities that you have planned.

We take Care of It

We take care of 95% of the setup and preparation for you. All we ask hosts to do is to find the 7 venues to display the characters and market the event locally.

Contactless & Paperless

Our event is Covid-proof with contactless, outdoor engagement, and being completely digital makes it environmentally friendly.

Event Reports

We give you a full analysis report after the event, including footfall, business engagement and return on investment.

Marketing Toolkit

As well as funding a national marketing campaign, we’ll provide you with a toolkit for you to publicise the event locally on social media, in print media, with schools and event listings.

Community Building

Create a sense of community by including local schools in a colouring competiton and displaying the winner on the trail.

business incentives

We’ll liaise directly with your venues to engage them, getting special discounts for players and increasing indoor footfall for them.

Benefits to Players

Engaging Story

Our experience is like nothing else, where children and adults will be engaged in the story as they pick how it progresses themselves, ‘choose-your-story’ style. They can even repeat the trail and create a totally different story!

Exciting AR

Children yelp with excitment when the characters burst to life on player’s smartphone with augmented reality. Over 90% of phones now have this technology so nobody is left behind.


Children will beam with pride when they take a ‘mission complete’ selfie, with a digital badge pinned to them. Adults will love the discounts they find along the trail.

Watch the below video to see exactly how it works:

Why Players Love It

  • It’s a truly interactive and engaging experience like nothing else
  • Get the kids outdoors and walking
  • It’s free to play!
  • Children and adults will be engaged in the story as they pick how it progresses themselves, ‘choose-your-story’ style
  • Technology that is intuitively simple to use and multi-platform, so nobody is left out
  • Get discounts in the venues as they visit the characters
  • Players will also learn about The Queen’s incredible history on the throne
  • Explore a location and venues that they might never have seen otherwise
  • Every player will get a sense of completion as they can take selfies with digital prize badges pinned to them, to share with their friends

Your Role as Host

What We Do For You:

  • Provide all the window vinyl artworks with QR codes
  • Set up your trail on the collection platform and create your digital map
  • Show your trail on a central bespoke website
  • Run a large scale national marketing campaign
  • Give you a Marketing Toolkit, specially developed for the trail
  • Send you a final report on user analytics

What You Do:

  • Decide where you want to put up the seven trail vinyls within your area
  • Give us the list so we can create your map
  • Promote the event locally using the Marketing Toolkit

test the augmented reality on your Smartphone:

Scan the below code with your smartphone or click on this link if you are already using one to view this page.

Most modern smartphones now have AR capability but there are a small number that still don’t support it. If you don’t see a ‘see me in AR’ button on the next page then it’s likely your phone doesn’t support AR yet and you’ll need to use an alternative device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any location large or small, anywhere in the world, can host the trail. We advise you to also host a beacon for the lighting ceremony on 2nd June but this isn’t strictly necessary.

We advise you to also host a beacon for the lighting ceremony on 2nd June but this isn’t strictly necessary to run the trail and we can amend the trail to reflect this.

We advise hosts to apply as soon as possible to give adequate pre-marketing time. The deadline for applications is 21st April for UK based locations and 7th April for overseas locations to allow for timely delivery of packs.

Yes! We fully encourage you to supplement the cost of the trail with a local sponsor. For their contribution they will get their logo on all marketing materials, on the webpage and on the stamps collection platform.

The concept of the trail is to build up buzz in the month before the jubilee beacon lighting ceremony on 2nd June. On completion of the trail, players will be given local information about your beacon lighting ceremony and asked to share this.

The entire trail can be customised to your local area. This might mean including local buildings or landmarks in the story, highlighting local history or using established mascots to guide the trail. We can also print the character board on a range of materials and sizes right up to life-sized cutouts. Please get in contact for more information and quotes.

We can fully customise the text of the trail at no extra cost, please just inform us of your request on the application form and we will work with you to get the translation done.

The vinyls stickers are reverse-printed, low-tack adhesive stickers and need to be installed on the interior of window facing outwards. They can be stuck to any glass or plexiglass surface. The vinyls are 40cm x 30cm in size, 4 are landscape and 3 are portrait.

Alternatively, they can be printed on a range of materials and sizes like A3 Correx boards to be cable tied on posts etc or, right up to, life-sized cutouts characters. Please get in touch for more information and quotes.

Any venue, retail, cultural, public or otherwise can display a vinyl as long as they are accessible seven days a week during the day. Vinyls can also be printed on Correx boards which can be installed anywhere like lampposts, notice boards etc. 

Our trails are designed to be contactless by there very nature. Vinyls are displayed outwards so that players don’t need to enter premises to access them. QR codes and digital maps are used to no physical interaction is needed.

We are expecting 100+ towns and cities to take part in the event. If you would like to know if there is one near you please contact us. A full list of locations taking part will be published at the beginning if April.

We will be doing national advertising via paid social media campaigns and with national press releases. Local marketing campaigns can be ran by hosts with the marketing toolkit that we provide.